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Technology Entrepreneur & Investor
Co-founder and former CEO of AngelList

Anger is it's own punishment

Distrust Futurists


Doctors won’t make you healthy...

Naval's Happiness Hack That Helped Him Become a Billionaire

15 Nov 2022

$1M for Indian founders to invest 🇮🇳

Galaxy gives founders in India a $1M fund to start investing. If they make great investments, they’re eligible for a second fund of $2M.

Galaxy website | Twitter @galaxyfunds

New Galaxy fund backed by Naval Ravikant, Tim Ferriss and others

23 Feb 2022

You can't get rich renting out your time.

Every man has two lives.

Clip from Joe Rogan Podcast

Live Below Your Means

More at By @viziandrei.

Life is a Single Player Game

02 Oct 2022

25 Oct 2022

01 Oct 2022

17 Sep 2022

The closer you get to the truth, the quieter you become inside.

By @smart.nonsense.

17 Jul 2022

Manifesto on Reading

Provided by Farnham Street (The Knowledge Project Podcast). You can listen to the full episode with Naval here.

25 Aug 2022

24 Aug 2022

11 Aug 2022

08 Jun 2022

Naval's formula for health, wealth and good life

14 May 2021

Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy

01 Oct 2020

How to Get Rich: Every Episode

Naval provides a giant episode collects of every interview he's done on “How to Get Rich.” It includes 10 minutes of unreleased material—at the end—on “Finding Time to Invest in Yourself.”

01 Dec 2019

Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status

13 Mar 2019

You won't get rich renting out your time

01 Mar 2019

Naval Ravikant: Bitcoin Solves 'Money Problems'

06 Dec 2017