About Naval Ravikant

Naval is the co-founder and former CEO of AngelList. Naval founded AngelList with Babak Nivi in 2010.

AngelList broke the traditional tech investment model, democratising venture capital by connecting early-stage start-ups with funding from angel investors.

Naval has made over 200 investments. This includes investments in high-profile companies such as Uber, Twitter, Notion, Clubhouse, and many more.

Some of Naval's earlier achievements as a co-founder include Genoa Corp (acquired by Finisar), Epinions.com (IPO via Shopping.com), and Vast.com (largest white-label classifieds marketplace).

Naval has on official website at Nav.al

Please explore the site and find Naval's:

  • Interviews - a collection of Naval's previous interviews and podcasts from 2012 to current day.
  • Stream - some online news and activty either by, or about, Naval.
  • Below, details on Eric Jorgenson's book The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, plus Naval's popular How to Get Rich tweetstorm.

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